Classic Cookies
Coconut Macaroons .55 ea     $6.60 doz.
Wedding Cookies .50 ea     $6.00 doz.
Thumbprint Cookies .50 ea     $6.00 doz.
Fruit Bars .55 ea     $6.60 doz.
Christmas Handcut Shortbread Cookies (Stars, Trees, Santas) .55 ea     $6.60 doz.
Valentine Handcut Shortbread Cookies (Hearts) .55 ea     $6.60 doz.
Halloween Handcut Shortbread Cookies (Pumpkins) .55 ea     $6.60 doz.
Butter Cookies (McEntyre's Signature Recipe)
Vanilla Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Orange Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Strawberry Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Cherry Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Chocolate Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Christmas Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Fall Butter Cookies .45 ea     $5.40 doz.
Valentine Butter Cookies .45 ea        $5.40 dz
Ginger Bears .89 ea     $10.68 doz.
Gingerbread Men 1.89 ea     $22.68 doz.
Gourmet Cookies
Chocolate Chunk .99 ea     $10.99 doz.
Double Chocolate Chunk .99 ea     $10.99 doz.
 M & M Cookie .99 ea     $10.99 doz.
Peanut Butter .99 ea     $10.99 doz.
Oatmeal Raisin Walnut .99 ea     $10.99 doz.
White Chocolate Macadamia .99 ea     $10.99 doz.
Sugar Cookie .99 ea     $10.99 doz.

Cookie Cakes

(available in any of the above "Gourmet" Varieties)

10" (8 Cookies) $13.99
12" (13 Cookies) $17.99
14" (18 Cookies) $22.99
1/4 Sheet (12 Cookies) $17.99
1/2 Sheet (24 Cookies) $32.99
Full Sheet (48 Cookies) $56.99
Large Iced and Decorated Cookies

(Decorated Cookies are 4.5-5 inches in size unless otherwise noted)

Purple Dinosaur $3.29
Smiley Face $3.29
Batman Emblem $3.29
"Hippie" Flower $3.29
Tropical Fish $3.29
"Woof" Dog Bone (Approx 2.5 inches) $1.89
Ghost $3.29
Jack O' Lantern $3.29
Valentine Heart $3.29
Easter Egg $3.29
Easter Bunny $3.29
Christmas Tree $3.29
Santa Face $3.29
Rudolph Face $3.29
Cupcake $3.29
High Heel Shoe $3.29
Snowflake $3.29
Tulip $3.29
Sunflower $3.29
Looking for a custom shaped cookie that we don't currently make?  We will be glad to make cookies using cookie cutters you own.  All custom cookie orders are priced based on the size of the cookie, complexity of decoration, and any other factors that could affect the amount of time or labor required to make them.  Your cookie cutter must be inspected by our bakers before we can commit to making your order or giving a price quote.
Individual packaging for decorated cookies is available for an additional $1 per cookie.  In most cases this requires a special type of icing for the decoration that dries hard to prevent sticking to the packaging.  Packaging consists of cellophane bag with metallic twist tie.  Add $.25 for hand tied wraphia ribbon in place of metallic twist ties.


Photo & Logo Cookies
Rectangle, Round, or Oval Cookies iced white with  Custom Printed Photo/Logo $3.69
MINIMUM 1 Dozen Per Photo or Logo, Add $1.00 per cookie for individual cellophane wrapping with metallic twist tie. Add $ .25 per cookie for hand tied wraphia ribbon in place of metallic twist ties.  2 Business Days notice required for individually wrapped cookies, 1 day notice required for unwrapped photo/logo cookies.