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Please select all of the Cake, Icing, and Filling Flavors

you would like to try when you come in.


Cake Flavors

Icing Flavors
  Old Fashioned Pound Cake Vanilla Butter Cream
  Strawberry Marble Pound Cake Cream Cheese
  Citrus Orange Pound Cake Chocolate Cream Cheese
  Cherry Marble Pound Cake Chocolate Fudge
  Almond Flavored Pound Cake Strawberry Cream Cheese
  Yellow Layer Cake    
  Red Velvet Cake Filling Flavors
  Carrot Cake Lemon Glaze
  Strawberry Yellow Layer Cake Strawberry Glaze
  Citrus Yellow Layer Cake Raspberry Glaze
  Cherry Layer Cake Blueberries in Glaze
  Devil's Food Cake Cherries in Glaze
      Coconut Cream
      Bavarian Cream



Please note that credit card information is required to place a $30 deposit to reserve an appointment. Cancellations require

at least a 24 hour notice.  Failing to show up for an appointment will result in the loss of the $30 deposit to compensate

for the required prep work for each appointment.  This charge will not be refunded if an appointment has not been

cancelled in the appropriate amount of time, and it will not be refunded if the customer fails to show up.


Once we receive your appointment information below, we'll call you to confirm the day & time of the appointment. 

We'll also get your credit card or debit card information to process the $30 deposit to hold the appointment time. 

An appointment cannot be held without the deposit.

The $30 deposit will be refunded to you when you come in for your appointment.